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Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Jobready2dey, LLC, DBA Jobready2dey. The terms and conditions listed herein are for the education of Jobready2dey, LLC’s potential clients, to advise you (the site user) on the proper use of materials and information provided through Jobready2dey.com (the site), and refresh new and existing clients on service terms and conditions. Using or making a purchase on the site serves as an acknowledgement that you have reviewed, comprehended, and accepted our pricing, processes, terms and conditions. Please note that these terms and conditions are enforced in addition to each clause provided in client service agreements (where applicable). Hereafter, the company, Jobready2dey, LLC will be referred to as “Jobready2dey” or “the company”.

Use of Materials and Information

Information and materials contained on the site, inclusive of services sold, are formulated based on professional training and industry expertise. While steps are taken to ensure the accuracy and completeness of information, the career services industry, the job market, hiring trends, HR compliance and related spaces undergo changes on a consistent basis. Therefore, the completeness and accuracy of materials cannot be guaranteed. The site user should use the information and materials contained on the site, and strategies, information, materials, and all else gained through services sold as a general guide, and not as the final authority for up to date information.

Service Offerings

Jobready2dey offers several services listed on the site, including a variety of À la carte services, resume and cover letter packages, career-centered training courses, outplacement services, and more. Jobready2dey reserves the right, without notice, to terminate any offering, alter pricing, or change the terms of these offerings at any time. Jobready2dey also has the right to deny service at its discretion. If a service offering is terminated or altered, all services purchased before the time of termination or alteration will be honored. Other services not listed on the website may be provided to clients. In these cases, the terms and conditions listed herein apply to these “À la carte” services in conjunction with each clause of the client’s service agreement (if applicable).

Service Details & Delivery Times

Jobready2dey promotes customer service and communicating with clients in a timely fashion. If services are purchased, clients are required to maintain prompt communication with assigned personnel so services can be delivered on time. Payments received from the client cover a reservation on Jobready2dey’s calendar and the completion of services per each agreement. The team at Jobready2dey works hard for each client to receive documents and services timely, and with the correct information (if applicable). If a situation arises out of the client’s control, emailing, calling, or texting the service provider is key. If the client fails to communicate with the service provider during the attempted delivery of services, services will remain valid for 3 business days before services are cancelled. These terms and conditions address the refund policy in case services are cancelled.

Generally, resume and cover letter writing orders are completed within 12 business days. Timelines will vary according to the client purchase option. Complete timeline information will be provided in each client service agreement. Interview coaching, career coaching services, training sessions, and other services will be scheduled between the client and Jobready2dey, and completed on the scheduled day and time. If the client arrives late to an appointment, coaching and training sessions will end on time and not run over into the next time block. If appointments are missed, the client will have the opportunity to reschedule once. Rescheduling details will be provided by Jobready2dey via the client service agreement.

Payment and Refund Policy

All payments and applicable fees must be received before the start of services. Payments will be accepted via credit card, debit card, or PayPal. Pricing for each service is reviewed frequently on the site to ensure accuracy. If the client desires to purchase add-on services with an order, notification must be provided to the service provider so payment(s) can be collected upfront.

Please note that all sales are final; no refunds. Also note that if a client engages in discourteous behavior, refuses to cooperate with personnel, or does not respond to communications from the service provider in an attempt to complete services within 3 business days, Jobready2dey reserves the right to cancel services without obligation to refund the purchase price or fees.

Chargebacks and Fraud Prevention

Once payment is made for a service(s), the client expressly agrees not to initiate any chargeback request with the card issuer or claim fraud through the company’s payment processor. Should the client initiate a chargeback request with the card issuer, the client agrees to share information regarding acceptance of these terms and conditions to nullify the chargeback request. If a fraud claim is submitted to the company’s payment processor, the client agrees that acceptance of these terms and conditions and the proof thereof will serve as evidence to defeat any such claim.

If the client initiates a chargeback or fraud claim and wins the dispute, the client revokes ownership of and agrees to surrender, refrain immediately from using all documents completed and stop employing strategies provided through training or coaching sessions. The company may seek damages for losses in such cases. If so, the client agrees to pay for applicable court costs, associated attorney’s fees and any other costs involved, including a daily fee of $50 USD that must be paid to the company for each day the issue isn’t resolved.  

If the client is found to have utilized payment details that belong to another individual without consent, and a chargeback request is initiated, the client agrees to pay the company the amount of the original service purchase, including applicable fees. If payment isn’t satisfied immediately, the company may seek damages for losses. If so, the client agrees to pay for court costs, attorney's fees associated with the case, and any other costs involved, including a daily fee of $50 USD that must be paid to the company for each day the issue isn’t resolved.

Release from Guarantees

Clients from all over the world have had success using Jobready2dey’s services. However, guarantees cannot be made concerning specific outcomes if a client invests in the company’s service offerings. Job interviews, subsequent hires and promotions are solely at the discretion of an employer. Regardless of the career service option a client chooses, it will only be one component of the job search process. Success finding a new opportunity is based on many factors which are beyond the company’s control.

Liability Disclaimer

Jobready2dey is not responsible for the accuracy of information provided by respective clients. Therefore, the company will not be liable for inaccurate, misleading or incorrect information. Each client is responsible for reviewing documents in detail before utilization during the job search. Jobready2dey is not responsible for damage or injury caused by any inaccuracies. Clients agree to hold the company harmless of any such liability.

Important Information

Before most services are rendered, the client must accept Jobready2dey’s service agreement. Refusal to accept an agreement does not eliminate the agreement between a client and Jobready2dey.  Submitting payment for any service solidifies the acceptance of these terms and conditions, and each clause within the accompanying service agreement (if applicable).

Once services are purchased, Jobready2dey will reach out via email to the client to begin the process. Please be sure that your email address is correct. If not, please contact Jobready2dey at admin@jobready2dey.com to advise of the correct email address for correspondence.


You agree that Jobready2dey may amend or modify these terms and conditions or impose new conditions at any time by updating these terms on the site or upon notice from the company to you as published through the site or by email. Any use of the site or order placed after such updating shall be deemed to constitute acceptance of such amendments, modifications, or new conditions.

Entire Agreement

These terms and conditions along with the accompanying service agreement (if applicable) embodies the entire agreement and understanding of the parties hereto with respect to the matters described and supersedes all prior agreements, arrangements or understandings between the parties with respect to such matters, other than those expressly set forth or referred to. If any provision of these terms and conditions or the accompanying service agreement (if applicable) shall be unlawful, void, or for any reason unenforceable, then that provision shall be deemed severable and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions.

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